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  • Need to restart NAV Server to get new objects

    Have you ever had a situation where you need to restart your NAV Server in a three-tier setup in order to get it to pick up new FOBs after importing? In this blog post, I’ll look at some of the reasons why this can occur and give you some techniques for fixing it. No login for dbo alias The other day...
    Posted to Dave's Blog by David Roys on 02-27-2012
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  • Config File Gotcha

    I came across something that was a bit weird in an implementation where every user in a Citrix deployed RoleTailored client suddenly connected to the TEST system instead of the LIVE system. I thought I’d share this gotcha to save others from making the same mistake. When you start Dynamics NAV 2009’s...
    Posted to Dave's Blog by David Roys on 02-03-2012
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  • Service Tier and Classic Client Monstrous Nightmare with FieldRef

    I came across an error today that was a monstrous nightmare to track down. First of all, it worked in the Classic client but not in the RoleTailored client. Sigh. Don’t you just hate that? It means going through the pain of debugging the RoleTailored client. The error was caused because the FieldRef...
    Posted to Dave's Blog by David Roys on 08-12-2011
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  • Creating New Windows Logins in NAV Through a SQL Sproc

    If you’ve been following my on-going battle against the pigs, you’ll be pleased to know that I now have attained three stars on all of the levels in Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds, and Angry Birds Rio, so with no more pigs to kill until the next update, I figured I’d write another NAV blog. One of...
    Posted to Dave's Blog by David Roys on 07-23-2011
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  • Make me squeal

    If God had wanted me to work, he wouldn’t have given me Angry Birds.   I figured it was about time I wrote something about Dynamics NAV again, so setting my continuing mission to get three stars on all levels to one side, I’ve finally taken time to pass on a couple of tips around .NET Interop and...
    Posted to Dave's Blog by David Roys on 06-20-2011
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  • Execute SQL Command using .NET Interop

    OK, I’ll admit it, I’m obsessed with the .NET Interop features in NAV 2009 R2. My last two blog posts have been on this and now here’s another one. Today I wanted to see if I could use the .NET Interop features in NAV 2009 R2 to execute a SQL Stored Procedure and extract the results...
    Posted to Dave's Blog by David Roys on 04-13-2011
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  • .NET Interop—I’m Lovin’ It!

    If this was a blog about grammar, I might be asking whether a verb like “to love” can be conjugated in a progressive tense to give us the phrase “I’m Lovin’ It”. But it’s not, it’s a blog about Dynamics NAV and I’m writing about .NET Interop in Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 which has got to be the coolest feature...
    Posted to Dave's Blog by David Roys on 02-16-2011
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  • Regular Expressions in NAV

    A friend of mine recently asked if there was a standard NAV function to find the first alphabetical character in a string. STRPOS comes close but you can't say "tell me the first position for any one of these characters in this string" because it looks for an exact match of the substring...
    Posted to Dave's Blog by David Roys on 02-02-2011
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